Learn Trading the beginners way

I am often asked, how did I pick up trading and how did I learn trading? At the end of conversation, I would forward some link. The links often depend on the questions asked. I will update this blog with all the questions possibly asked and answers to them.

Q. How do I select a broker to open my account.

The answer to this question varies depending on what the person is looking for. For beginners, Zerodha is great. I would also recommend Fyers since it has some cool features for advanced traders.

Q. What documents are required?

Please refer to this post to know more about this.

Q. How to learn about candlestick patterns?

I started trading in 2016 and back then we had very few reliable sources to learn. I had put my time into multiple youtube videos but I found zerodha varsity blog to be complete and concise. Please check this out.

Q. Where from one can learn about Options, Premium, Put Call etc?

You can learn about basic terminologies from on of the youtube video here. His language is simple and easy to understand. You can also read this article here.

Q. What are tradable patterns and how do I learn about them?

Yet again, I would point to Zerodha varsity for basic candlestick patterns.

Q. How to identify support and Resistance?

a. This article is simple an easy to understand.

b. Other support and resistances can be indicated by some indicators such as PIVOT and CPR. TRENDLINES too can address the concern.

Q. How to draw trendlines?

Please follow this video from a youtuber, Rayner Teo. His explanation is concise.

Q. How to place a stoploss?

Please follow my post for this. The article can be found here.

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